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Site Made: 1/1/2023
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Saturday, January 1, 2023
Monthly Recap

I spent much too many hours of my youth not documenting or attempting to save a little for later. Now I've reached the end of that rope and the beginning of the rest of my life I've been inspired by some friends to try this website thing before I head off to the next chapter in 6 months and 20 days.

The goal of this site is to serve as a repository of me and stuff that I like and do up until my military deployment on June 21, 2023. This includes anything from my favourite works and children's cartoons to my mediocre singing ability to just about whatever the hell I feel like. This front page is meant to be dedicated to a sort of monthly recap by me describing some of the bigger life events and the smaller ones, something I can look back on in the future. Being as it is presently the first of the first month I'll be doing this, there wont be much here until Febuary. Sorry ;/

Now enjoy some catsum ipsum, a favourite

Catch mouse and gave it as a present kitty run to human with blood on mouth from frenzied attack on poor innocent mouse, don't i look cute? bleghbleghvomit my furball really tie the room together leave fur on owners clothes but mice yet hide head under blanket so no one can see. Purr as loud as possible, be the most annoying cat that you can, and, knock everything off the table use lap as chair, for eat all the power cords.

Sit on the laptop scratch so owner bleeds for snuggles up to shoulders or knees and purrs you to sleep if human is on laptop sit on the keyboard, yet lick left leg for ninety minutes, still dirty or in the middle of the night i crawl onto your chest and purr gently to help you sleep. Love to play with owner's hair tie hide from vacuum cleaner. Cat dog hate mouse eat string barf pillow no baths hate everything.

Meow meow attack the dog then pretend like nothing happened chase little red dot someday it will be mine! destroy couch as revenge for use lap as chair, so always hungry but lick butt. Be a nyan cat, feel great about it, be annoying 24/7 poop rainbows in litter box all day mrow yet catching very fast laser pointer. Carrying out surveillance on the neighbour's dog. Sleeps on my head waffles, so pet me pet me don't pet me so stand with legs in litter box, but poop outside check cat door for ambush 10 times before coming in for hack up furballs, curl into a furry donut. Touch water with paw then recoil in horror. Cats are the world.